Ashland, Oregon: Crater Lake

Crater Lake National Park is only about a two hour drive from Ashland, Oregon. Crater Lake is a sight to behold – a memorizing indigo blue contained within a deep caldera. It is also the source of the Rogue River – Oregon’s most famous and favorite river rafting trip.

Getting to Crater Lake from Ashland is a beautiful drive. First head on I-5 North to the second exit for Medford (exit 30). Next, make a right onto OR-62/Crater Lake Highway. Continue on this road for 54.5 miles until you reach Munson Valley Road, where you will make a left. Another 3.9 miles will lead you to Rim Drive – make a right and continue to Crater Lake (approximately 8.5 miles).

What to bring:

1) Definitely bring a camera. Even the worst photographer takes great photos at Crater Lake.
2) A jacket. Sometimes even if it is a balmy day in the Rogue Valley it can be cool up at Crater Lake.
3) Some snacks and drinks.

Be especially cautious in the spring or fall as snow fall is likely. In the winter, some of these roads will shut down.