Sometimes it’s nice to get an outside opinion. We scoured the web to find unedited facts and excerpts about our lovely town of Ashland, Oregon. Here are some of the gems.

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Ashland Excerpt #1:
Every summer, they have strange men and women who walk around town stark naked.
Source: Yahoo Answers

Ashland Excerpt #2:
Everyone has dated everyone else.
Source: Urban Dictionary

Ashland Excerpt #3:
Like a garden in the sun, Ashland has long born the fruit of many artists and seekers.
Source: Hippy Land

Ashland Excerpt #4:
Someone told me that a dog killed a swan in the pond and then they banned dogs from the parks.
Source: City Data

Ashland Excerpt #5:
Tim explained that Ashland, a known hippie hotspot and counterculture destination, is home to one of the most abundant, glorious natural foods grocery stores in the West. I was tempted and even went away to study my map before I came to my senses: I reasoned that granola, coconut oil soaps and bulk bins of sprouted grains could be found almost anywhere; 300-foot-tall redwoods cannot. I continued south, along the California North Coast.
Source: Smithsonian

Ashland Excerpt #6:
More yuppies in Bend, more hippies in Ashland. Reproductive fecundity is probably about the same.
Source: City Data

Ashland Excerpt #7:
Ashland, originally called Ashland Mills, was named after Ashland County, Ohio, the original home of founder Abel Helman, and secondarily for Ashland, Kentucky, where other founders had family connections.
Source: Wikipedia

Ashland Excerpt #8:
The park features  a fountain where you can have a taste of yuck-inducing “Lithia Water,” bubbling up from natural springs, which built Ashland’s early 20th Century claim to fame as a spa town before the OSF was born.
Source: WBEZ

Ashland Excerpt #9:
Fast forward to October and there was another naked man walking around several schools. He came all the way from Minnesota. The police arrived and had to protect the man from angry parents.
Source: Fox News

Ashland Excerpt #10:
In one of the quaint little bistros I sampled a cabbage salad that was like none I had ever had before.
Source: Herald Net

So, there you have it: Ashland in a nutshell.

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