The Lower Rogue River in Southern Oregon is a whitewater rafting trip through a lush forested canyon, glistening with waterfalls, and chock-full of wildlife. Fun whitewater is around every bend and nights are spent either river-side at one of the Rogue’s many campsites, or in luxury comfort in historic lodges and cabins.

The Lower Rogue River twists and turns through a beautiful canyon.

Rafting vacations on the Lower Rogue are typically three or four days in length. Most participants will spend the night prior to the trip at Galice Resort, Morrison’s Lodge, or somewhere else that is nearby. Trips meet at 8:00 a.m. at Galice Resort the day of the launch.

Hikers stop to enjoy a small side creek along the Rogue River during one of Rogue River Journeys' Hiking Trips.

People travel from all over the world to raft, hike, or fish down the Lower Rogue River. For those fortunate to live in Southern Oregon, this incredible stretch of river can be easily accessed year-round. Those who are planning a trip to Ashland, Oregon, ought to look at the possibility of adding a three or four day Lower Rogue River rafting trip to their vacation plans.

There are quite a few outfitters that offer trips on the Lower Rogue. Rogue River Journeys is a well-known outfitter that focuses on family rafting vacations and has developed a reputation for having great customer service, personalized attention, and a fun and knowledgeable crew of guides. Guide and owner, Jim Ritter, has been involved in the whitewater rafting industry since he was a young kid. Nobody knows the business like Jim, and he works hard to provide a high-quality experience to all his customers on the Rogue River.

Jim writes “I started working on river trips as a ‘swamper,’ or ‘pot boy’ when I was 9 years old. Basically that meant that I got to go on trips to wash dishes and do other dirty work that the guides didn’t want to do. After hundreds of river miles as a boy, I guided my first trip on the Stanislaus River when I was 13 years old. As you can imagine, not many guests were interested in riding in my boat at that age, but I was pretty good and learned quickly. I started as General Manager of Outdoor Adventures (now Rogue River Journeys) in 1986, and have acquired ownership in the business over the years. Most importantly, I’ve had the privilege of raising my own kids (Anya is 19 and Hawken is 16) on rivers throughout the west.”

A scenic detour along the way.

Rogue River Journeys offers a variety of trip options. Kayaking, hiking, and wine tasting are their “specialty” trips. Their standard trip is known simply as the “camp-camp-lodge” because they spend the first two nights camped along the river and the third and final night at Paradise Lodge. This has become their most popular trip, mainly because it allows trip participants to see everything the Rogue has to offer.

Camping along the Rogue River during an August trip.

Camping on the Rogue with Rogue River Journeys is comfortable and fun. For starters, you can’t beat the view or setting while camped along the banks of the river. Further, Rogue River Journeys’ crew of guides are secretly culinary masters and can whip out dishes that take a whole new meaning to the phrase “camp food”. From Ahi Tuna, to New York steaks, a trip on the Rogue River will not disappoint you or your taste buds.

For more information about vacationing on the Lower Rogue River, contact Rogue River Journeys:

Call them at 1-866-213-7754
Visit them online at

If you are in Ashland and want to speak to someone face-to-face about the possibility of a Lower Rogue River rafting trip, stop by Indigo Creek Outfitters located at 130 A Street. Owner Will Volpert guides occasionally for Rogue River Journeys and can help you narrow down dates and trip options, as well as answer any questions you may have about the trip.

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